"DO NOT buy any speaker systems before reading my report or you will come home with an expensive and poor sounding speaker system"

"Learn how to audition speakers the 'Critical Listening' way"

"Impress your friends with your new speaker system and your new found 'listening skill'... even if you're a loudspeaker dummy"

Hi, I'm Julian. On the following page I am going to show you the exact technique I use to listen to speakers and make a rewarding buying decision.

I'll show you the step-by-step course how to
critically listen to speakers.


List of evaluation steps you'll find on this page:

How to evaluate Low Frequencies

How to evaluate Midrange Frequencies

How to evaluate High Frequencies

How to evaluate Stereo Image

How to evaluate Efficiency

How to evaluate Dispersion

How to evaluate Distortion

How to evaluate Accuracy

How to evaluate Soundstage

How to evaluate Ambience

How to use the Evaluation Check List


Dear friend,

If you've always wanted to own an excellent sounding speaker system at home but have no idea how to audition or evaluate...

...then this maybe the most important letter you'll ever received.

Because on the following page, I'm going to show ANYONE can make an educated, sensible, and rewarding speaker purchase without your having to become a full-fledged audio expert!

On this page I'm going to show you...

Step-by-step course how to evaluate any type of speaker system!

The typical "terms" used by audiophiles to evaluate speakers!

How to beware of speaker first impressions!

How to identitfy the general good and bad sound of speakers!

What speaker type to avoid auditioning in the store environment!

What is a "boomy" speaker!

How to identitfy "doubling" of the bass produced by the woofer!

What "coloration" term means!

What "crossover distortion" is all about!

How to check for good "presence"!

What is "timbre"!

How to identify deficient "high frequencies"!

What is good "imaging"!

How to gauge the efficiencies of the speakers!

How a speaker is considered having "beaming" problems!

Difference between "intermodulation" and "harmonic" distortion!

How to determine speakers "accuracy"!

What is "soundstage"!

What is "ambience"!

Why a "speaker evaluation check list" is important!

...plus many more!!

I know you may have some concerns...

After all - who am I to be giving YOU advice about speaker critical listening? And, more importantly, how can you trust what I'm telling you?

These are important questions.

So first off, you should know that when I got my first speaker system back in 1997, I was exactly where you are right now:

I knew nothing about speakers. All I wanted was a big sounding stereo speakers to fill my room. Without doing any research, I went shopping and ended up being convinced by an audio salesman to buy an expensive speaker system. Mind you, I paid $3000 for it! A few weeks into owning the speakers, I realized I made a big mistake, the sound did not meet my needs. Did I manage to return the speakers for a refund? NO.

I say - none of us should have to go through this pain staking ordeal!

Over the years through sheer interest in speakers and "not want to lose" attitude..or whatever you want to call it, I attended many hifi/hometheater convention and seminars, visited every audio store that I came across, mingled with dealers and speaker enthusiasts alike, learned and be mentored by some of them. I started using the audiophile vocabulary and sometimes of my very own to describe what I listen from speakers. I engaged in this task repeatedly and in time developed a specific way, to my ear and tastes, to describe the virtues of sound and music that I like.

Then friends and family started asking for my advice about buying loudspeakers and how to audition them specifically. Most of the time I ended up going to the dealers with them to audition speakers. I enjoyed this but I realized that the main factor of speaker buying was being ignored. Everyone hears things differently. By that, only the buyer can determine the best speaker to his or her ears and situation. I should not be telling anyone which speaker is good as I have my own tastes for sound and music.

That is when I decided to write How To Audition Loudspeakers. I'd like to teach and help everyone how to critically listen to speakers and make educated, sensible and rewarding purchase. This ebook in conjunction with my website BuyingLoudspeakers.com will show you all.

In case your skeptical (I respect you for that), let me tell you what my course is NOT:

It does not - need you to be knowledgeable or expert in audio and sound.

It does not - need you to have trained ears.

It does not - focus on the advantage of any particular line of speakers.

It does not - recommend you to buy a specific type of speaker.

It does not - review any speakers.

It does not - turn you into a loudspeaker expert overnight.

What the course does is:

- teach you not to make mistakes buying poor sounding speakers and save money in the process.

- save you time and help you skip the learning curve.

- teach you to recognize the factors that impact your perception of music.

- teach you to consider the performance of a given speaker as it relates to your own listening tastes.

- teach you to develop your listening skills.

- teach you what sound and music material is appropriate for each listening test.

- teach you how to listen carefully and describe what you hear using the critical listening vocabulary.

- break down each test in a short, concise and in easily understandable manner.

- ultimately help you to stop relying on manufacturers' sales literature, confusing specifications, seller's comments and buyer's reviews.

...Best of all, ANYONE can learn to use this technique!

It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced listener, or whether you're completely new to speakers, my system works - provided you practice and follow the step-by-step instructions. As your ear gets better at identifying the differences between speakers, your descriptions of the differences between two or more speakers and why one is better to you will inevitably improve. You might even develop your own suitable, and insightful "sonic vocabulary"!

"You Won't Read Any Course Like This Anywhere Else!"

"This Is The Most Complete Speaker Critical Listening Guide You Will Ever Find"

If you use my system, I personally guarantee that you'll be able to make your own educated guess about the sound of a speaker under test, make the sensible decision to buy with confidence and be rewarded with sound thats good to your ears. Otherwise...

"I will refund your money"

That's right! 100% refund of your purchase!

If you don't agree that this course is useful and worth using as a guide for your future speaker purchase...

.. You can return it at anytime within the next 8 weeks for a 100% refund of your purchase price.

I designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical - not the 1% who'll take advantage of me. But more importantly...


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If you answered "Yes,", starting right now, with proven techniques that I have used repeatedly - and that's guaranteed to help you save time and money, here is an easy way to order:

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You have absolutely No RISK!


Speaker happiness and music riches to you!

Do you have any questions at this time?
If so, please write to me at questions@buyingloudspeakers.com.
I will answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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